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2FA neu gedacht
Rethinking authentication
Cutting-edge technology to secure your daily work life
Invisible to the user

More security with less effort. No additional hardware required.

Safety in every second

DeepSign verifies the user’s identity not only at login but constantly, every second. Even unattended logged-in computers are safe this way.

IT Sicherheit
IT Security of a new generation
The biggest threat is usually sitting in front of the screen

Weak passwords, lost hardware, unattended PCs or simple social engineering and phishing are just a few examples of how easily attackable users are.

Training is not enough

Training is expensive, hard to personalize, and only has a short-term effect. Therefore, you need a new solution – invisible IT-security that requires no training and no change of behavior.

Passwords are not enough – current two-factor authentication methods are annoying

Two-factor authentication must be the future of IT security and thus corporate security. Relying on passwords alone is no longer up to date. Phishing attacks are too effective and employee training is too ineffective, as we just learned again from the SolarWinds hack. Overall, 81% of all data hacks have stolen or too weak passwords as their basis. But people try to circumvent or prevent classic 2FA methods (such as push verification via cell phone) because they have a terrible user experience and interrupt the actual work.

The solution: User’s behavior as a 2nd factor

A human’s interaction behavior (mouse and keyboard usage) is unique and can therefore also be used as a 2nd factor. In this way, the entire session will be protected without any interference for the user, and the classic 2FA methods will be used for special cases only. This increases the acceptance of the security solution, the general IT security, as well as the productivity of your company.


Trade-offs for enterprise security

Actually, this shouldn’t be a question at all, but some companies deliberately accept security risks. In doing so, they hope to increase productivity through more interruption-free workflows for their employees.

To put it simply – If you want to enter through a locked door, you have to first unlock the door. This interferes with your normal path every time you try to go through. On the contrary, a door arch doesn’t interfere with anyone, but it also does not stop anyone from entering.

This is the trade-off between security and user experience that many companies must decide. How many doors do I need? How many can I expect my employees to use? If there are too few, I’m vulnerable. If there are too many, my productivity will decrease or employees will eventually hold the doors open with a door wedge. Automatic door openers would be the solution, but even these would have to be secure. The behavioral approach in this scenario would be gait analysis – because this, too, is actually unique to each person.


What is special about our solution 

DeepSign offers you a continuous on-premises or cloud security solution that protects your business from external as well as internal attacks. Stolen passwords or unattended PCs will no longer be a potential threat to IT-security. DeepSign is specifically created to continuously protect your computers and single sign-on solutions without interruptions for your employees.


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