The Technology

The Future of IT Security

Behavior-based security is a relatively new field. Considering the increased threat of social engineering and phishing to tap passwords and the advances in video manipulation (“deepfakes”) to outsmart facial recognition software or even high-resolution photographs to fool fingerprint sensors, IT security will have to be reconsidered and redesigned in the very near future.

In general, current security systems could be outwitted because a fake must be convincing for the system only for a very short period of time – for a login or an identity check. This is where the idea of behavior-based security comes into play. It continuous verifies the user and every interaction triggers its own additional security check. Because a lot of things in our brains happen intuitively, you are not able to describe your behavior, which means that you cannot spoil it by mistake – another advantage.

Your Behavior Counts

There are many different ways to interact with a PC. Think of the different options to paste a copied text, how do you do it? Ctrl + V, paste in the menu, open a right-click menu and select there. Or how do you delete typos? Backspace? Del? Mark text before? Obviously, there is also the question of how fast you can type? Do you type with 10 fingers, with one finger (eagle search system) or anything in between?

Not to forget the question of how you use your mouse. Where and how do you click on an element? What is your scrolling behavior? How do you move the mouse around the screen? Reaction speed, curve radius and so on.

You are unique

Your fingerprint, your facial proportions and also your behavior are unique. This means that behavior lends itself to being a security feature. Only through our research is it possible to use this effectively and productively. Why put your fingers on an extra sensor or keep your head still when you can just work normally and verify yourself with it.

Behavior-based security for your productivity

Our goal is to ensure the highest possible productivity for the desired security. Enable an uninterrupted and safe workday for yourself and your employees.

The best way to combine those two important aspects is to get to know you and understand what your needs as a company are. As we already said, everyone is unique and we will be happy to help you ask the real questions, get to the right answers and take your corporate security to the next level with DeepSign.

We are experts for behavior-based security

Our founders Jannis Froese and Nils Vossebein have already received highly endowed grants from the German government. With the focus topics machine learning as well as databases, they have deep understanding to both collect the required data, manage it in a privacy compliant way and analyze it. The potential applications of the developed technology are many. We are very interested in applying the technology in other fields.

Do you have a security problem? Feel free to contact us.