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The founders
The founders: Jannis Froese and Nils Vossebein



Knowledge about modern IT security from science and practice

Our founders Jannis Froese and Nils Vossebein both studied at the renowned Saarland University and combine knowledge about IT security from science and practice. While Jannis Froese focused in the area of machine learning, Nils Vossebein’s specialty is data acquisition, processing and storage. Together, you have already been responsible for the technical implementation of a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and supervised by the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security This allowed you to gain several years of practical experience.

Solution for our own problem

The two-factor authentications introduced – especially recently – for more and more logins or services are a thorn in both sides, because they are very cumbersome to use. What used to be a very quick login is now a process of up to a minute. So first the phone has to be found and unlocked before the login can be confirmed. To solve this problem and still meet the rightly required security requirements, you have been researching and developing possible solutions since the beginning of 2019, initially on the side. One very important aspect was to reconcile the required security with data protection and the avoidance of constant employee monitoring. To this end, they developed novel methods and tested them out. Since the beginning of 2021, the product has progressed to the point where the first pilot customers could be acquired.

Improve your IT security too

Do you need modern and user-friendly IT security for your company? The areas of application are diverse. The technology can protect administration (computers), but we have also identified interesting application scenarios in production, research or other business areas. We are very interested in adapting our technology to your needs and solving your problems to your satisfaction.

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